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06 March 2011

Learning Areas for Homeschooling

Hi Everyone,

As promised I will spend a bit of time on the learning areas. The eight learning areas are pretty much standard from state to state, country to country...they are English, Mathematics, Art, Society and Environment (history & geography, sociology etc), Design and Technology (used to be known as Technical Studies and Home Economics), Science, Health and Physical Education and Languages other than English.
I will give a brief description of expectations you may find from education authorities for each learning area, and possible activities which could meet these requirements.

In each state of Australia, the curriculum frameworks are available to view online. They can be wordy at times, just remember that a basic outline of requirements is really all you need to educate your child at home.

The addresses of these sites are:

South Australia

New South Wales



Northern Territory



Western Australia

I will look at specific learning areas starting with English in my next post.

Talk Soon, Cynthia x