Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. Confucius

05 March 2011

The Birthday Party & That Socialisation Question...

Hi Everyone,

Jay turned six the other day and it coincided with our homeschool group's meet up day. I thought I'd grab one bird in the hand and another in the bush, take a birthday cake to our get-together and turn it into a party!

Jay asked for a Knights, Princesses and Dragons theme so we let the group know and when the time came, headed down to our local rose garden playground, with a spare supply of dressups for those without costumes.

The children ran with the theme and had a wonderful time creating a world within the gardens, with one girl being appointed Queen, a boy the King another a Knight and other children various royal subjects. The children were there in that castle and roaming the royal rose gardens...it was beautiful to watch.

I also observed the different ages of the children interacting and the inclusive nature of things was heart warming.... some of these kids had never met before, but it would be hard to tell which children were new to the group.

It is experiences like this that reassure me of the inherently social nature of children, including homeschooling children. HS kids get along just fine in a variety of social situations and I no longer feel the need to fiercely argue against comments such as the only trouble with homeschooling is the lack of socialisation. I'm just too secure in my experience to bother arguing or reasoning back and forth...I share what I've experienced and then move on, problem solved. It may sound simplistic but it really is that simple for me.

I will say that I'm aware some homeschooling families are not socially extroverted, just like in all demographics within society. Though I'm yet to see a homeschooling family without at least one other family they're close to...it's the nature of homeschooling that you connect (or your kids do it for you).

Anyway, the party was great fun, with not a tantrum, meltdown or conflict in sight. It leads me to think we may revisit the outside venue option for Freida later in the year...

Talk Soon, Cynthia x