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01 March 2011

Charlotte Mason

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll look at the Charlotte Mason Method of education. Charlotte Mason was born in Wales, 1842. She trained and began working as a teacher in England and formed her education philosophy by observing what she saw as the danger of receiving much teaching with little education.

Mason advocated the use of quality living books rather than reams of textbooks filled with irrelevant facts. During her lifetime, Mason's ideas were quite radical, as was her belief in children as naturally enthusiastic learners who will excel given the right opportunities and materials.

Timetabling in Charlotte Mason schools is restricted to the mornings for younger children, only gradually increasing as children become able to manage a longer day. Appreciation of all art forms is actively encouraged as a significant part of the curriculum, and visits to places of cultural interest (art galleries, museums, concerts) from a relatively young age are encouraged. Once again, the focus being on the
quality rather than the quantity of information.

Charlotte Mason's materials can have a Christian focus, but can be easily adapted for use by non-Christian families who appreciate the quality of the resources.

We have used some Charlotte Mason books and resources on occasion...I personally love the fact that parents are encouraged to trust their children's natural curiosity and desire to learn. The Mason style books tend to be uncomplicated, and have a reassuring old fashioned feel about them, with lots of lovely black and white sketches, and various questions of morality to consider.....always good for discussion and debate :)

Talk Soon, Cynthia x

Some Charlotte Mason resources:




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