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19 February 2011

Politics, legalities and more politics....

Hi Everyone,
I've just been doing some research for my book and looking at the legal requirements for homeschooling across the states of Australia to find that each one is essentially quite similar, but not really!! Each has a different set of regulations and surrounds essential information with about 500 words on each side of the point to make it sound really important. My head is spinning a bit with so many whys and wherefores :% Fortunately a friend with a background in law e-mailed me today and offered me some assistance with any regulations/legalities relating to homeschool law for the book (don't you love serendipity like that??)

I did come across a really interesting article though, it's by Sally Varnham called My Home, My School, My Island: Home Education in Australia and New Zealand. Coming across her article was like a refreshing dose of common sense amongst all those useless words :) Varnham speaks as someone who has experienced what it is like to homeschool in Australasia and draws on some subtle points made by politicians over the years re: the ownership of responsibility for our children's education both in Australia and New Zealand. She makes the point that various changes to hs legislation are met with differing degrees of opposition according to prior legislation within that particular state...very interesting. If you're wanting to read the article, the address is:


Now, it's back to the grindstone for me, wish me luck and have a wonderful day.

Talk soon, Cynthia