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22 February 2011

The Magic of Lego

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who share your house with a young male, chances are you'll know what I'm talking about when I say my 5 year old son Jay is obsessed with Lego...and ever since he saw two of his mates publish their Lego masterpieces in the LEGO-Quest online newsletter, he's been waiting with bated breath to see what the next challenge would be. Well, the challenge arrived in our inbox last night at around 8pm, and with much excitement, we cleared the kitchen table to give full priority to this very important building project. An hour and a half later, Jay was coerced to go to bed with the lure of a story, but was up again at 7am to finish his creation.

To me, Lego is invaluable just for the joy it can bring to children (and quite a few adults...James May's full size Lego house project was pretty well supported). It can stimulate the imagination of the left-brainers out there like a good box of watercolours can send a right brainer into a painting frenzy. Besides that, it is a valuable tool for kinesthetic learners to understand spatial relationships, counting, symmetry, one to one correspondence, planning in stages, as well as developing fine motor skills....amazing stuff!

Now, if it was just a little bit cheaper.....

If you would like to checkout the homeschool LEGO Quest site it's:

Talk Soon, Cynthia x