Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. Confucius

19 May 2017

Those Who Trod the Path Before Us....

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking about the origins of homeschooling, the changes it has seen in recent history, and the people who caused these changes to happen .
Homeschooling your children was once the norm because the majority of children stayed at home. They learned within the company of their family and wider community and grew into mostly well functioning, intelligent adults.

Over the past hundred and fifty years, schools have appeared, become entrenched in our society and finally insisted on compulsory attendance for all children.This state of affairs was pretty much accepted as the best thing for the children until fairly recently when parents started questioning the status quo.

Homeschooling has experienced a resurgence in popularity as more parents are considering it as a viable education option. As word of the benefits of homeschooling spreads, so does the number of courageous families taking the plunge and setting out to homeschool.

The homeschooling journey for our family was one which gradually resonated and became entrenched into our lives. My experience has been one of community and sharing of knowledge and resources. I will be forever grateful to the experienced homeschooling parents who patiently answered my endless questions about hs and how they functioned within the system.

I am particularly grateful to those who exposed me to natural learning as a genuine alternative to a formal curriculum. Eleven years ago when we began homeschooling, natural learning was difficult and took a lot of faith and self belief to stick with, and if it wasn't for the generous sharing of information and resources by an experienced few friends, I would still be floundering, trying to work out what is the best route for us, I am sure.

Authors and free thinkers such as John Holt, John Taylor Gatto, Linda Dobson also expanded my thinking and knowledge base around homeschooling. And of course in Australia, Beverley Payne and her comprehensive website and constant input that has helped so many fledgling families find their homeschooling feet.
So remember the importance of sharing your experiences....they really do help those who come after us :)

Talk Soon, Cynthia x