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31 May 2011

Homeschooling with a Teenager

Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been thinking about where to go next with Alexandra's homeschooling journey.

We have been travelling along pretty well with Lex writing and illustrating a creative story which has graduated into the start of a book. Science has been pretty organinc and ongoing due to her own interest in things like nutrition, properties of foodstuffs etc. Design and technology is sorted with cooking, knitting and navigating around the computer, and so on.

What we have been missing is one big project to focus on that ties in all of the aspects of the curriculum......until now. Lex has just decided to begin a project where she can use learning as a way to indulge in her passions of food preparation and starting a business, by setting up a virtual cafe.

This will encompass researching and identifying suitable locations (overhead prices, foot traffic etc), target consumers, advertising (logo/slogans etc), looking at the ethics of deciding which products/models to use, finance (working out loan rates, deposits, forecasts, outlay for furniture, wages, superannuation, tax returns and so on). She will also draw up designs for her dream cafe after thinking about and researching particular features and their practical application.

I see this as an interesting challenge for us both, which carries with it numerous practical applications for when Lex does enter the world of work.

Now to educate myself about business models before I get any of those tricky questions sure to pop up....will keep you posted on our progress :)

Cynthia x